H HEUER INSTRUMENTS - R41 R41 Datasheet (98kB)
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The R41 is a line powered responder in a small package designed to allow remote testing of communication lines. Just connect it to the line like a telephone and it is ready for measurements, no programming, no plug-packs, no batteries.

The R41 will automatically answer and terminate a call. Customer equipment is automatically reconnected to the line after completion of remote measurements.

When used in conjunction with the Level Meter LM41 it provides automatic performance analysis of a telephone line.

The R41 can be remotely controlled by DTMF tones. Audio feedback is provided so that the user can confidently operate the R41 by using a telephone.

Different operating modes allow testing for excessive noise levels, perform loss and slope measurements, impulse noise measurements, return loss and dropout measurements.

The following features are provided:

  • Connects to the subscriber line just like a telephone
  • Auto-answers a call, disconnects on busy tone
  • Reconnects customer equipment after measurement
  • No programming, no plug-pack, no batteries
  • 600 W and TN12
  • Remote noise measurements via telephone

In conjunction with the Level Meter LM41

  • Transmit loss, receive loss
  • Slope at 13 frequencies
  • Psophometric and bandpass noise
  • Return loss at 14 frequencies
  • Impulse noise
  • Dropout
  • Level recorder