LT51-PLC Datasheet
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The LT51 Line Tester is a portable handheld battery powered instrument. It combines the features of several pieces of test equipment such as a Selective Level Meter / Spectrum Analyser, Distortion Analyser, Generator and Handheld DMM in the one small lightweight package.

It is the ideal instrument for testing the analog FXS & FXO interfaces of digital exchanges and PCM multiplexers. The LT51 is also very well suited to testing the carrier and information signals used in Power Line Communication (PLC) equipment.

The LT51 can be deployed as a stand-alone instrument in single-ending testing configurations to qualify cable pairs, or together with a second remote LT51, can perform more accurate terminated end-to-end testing. In stand-alone configurations (without PC control) testing can be automated with selected test sequences stored in the LT51. Alternatively the LT51 can be remotely controlled by a PC over the isolated USB link.

Great care has been taken to achieve easy operation of this instrument. Most functions are accessed by a single button press, or one further soft-key selection. Measurement results can be displayed graphically or numerically (in DMM mode) and can be simply saved into non-volatile memory for later recall or up-load to a PC for further evaluation and printing.

Firmware upgrades with new features are freely available and can be easily downloaded to the LT51 in the field.

Following are features and benefits of the LT51:

  • Impedances of 50, 75, 125 or 150, 600 W (LT51-PLC) or 50, 75, 600, TN12 W (LT51-PCM) and bridging (~>50 kW)
  • Transmitter BW of 2 kHz to 2.2 MHz at 75 W, 200 Hz to 20 kHz at 600 W, 200 Hz to 4 kHz at TN12.
  • Level Spectrum, Return Loss, Noise and X-Talk to 2.2 MHz.
  • Spectrum Analyser with Zoom function over fixed spans from 4.5 kHz min.
  • Selective Level Meter to 2.2 MHz with Selectivity BW's including 25 Hz and 1.75 kHz.
  • Distortion Analyser from 200 Hz to 2.2 MHz (SNR, THD, SINAD, SFDR).
  • Fully Independent and configurable Generator, -60 to +16 dBm at 75 W, +6 dBm at 600, TN12 W
  • Tx Mute, Single Tone, ITU-T G.227 Telephone Noise signal (LT51-PCM), or Swept measurements.
  • DMM functions DC/AC Voltage, DC Current (600 W shunt), AC Impedance Magnitude.
  • TDR for location and identification of low resistance or OC faults
  • Audio monitor (speaker) and Hands-free telephone for voice communication.
  • Strong compact PC case designed to withstand rough treatment yet lightweight (< 1 kg)
  • High contrast, sunlight-readable graphics display with back-light
  • Large soft-touch keys with good feedback
  • Easy operation - one key press to set measurement mode then context sensitive soft-keys for configuration
  • >8 hours operation with easily replaceable AA NiMH batteries
  • Accepts commonly used 4mm banana plug test leads
  • Choice of Graphical or Numerical measurement display
  • Marker functions for navigating graphical displays using cursor
  • Remote control of LT51 by PC via serial port over Opto-isolated USB link
  • Easy Test result storage and recall, up-load to PC for further evaluation
  • End-to-End testing utilising pair under test to second remote LT51